Hi everyone!

Here I am, checking in again after a bit of an extended absence. I regret to tell you that I don’t have any new photos for you to examine as of right now, but surely more photo opportunities will come up soon!

Let’s start right where I left off:

I’ve been continuing all of my classes at DIS, trying to find time to create a balance between studying, exploring this culture-heavy city, and spending time with my host family. Studying has taken up quite a bit of time, what with numerous readings and assignments per night, but I like to think that I am keeping up. In my Renewable Energy Systems class, we had our first exam covering general energy and renewables information, and I got 95%! My first academic success in Denmark.

In my How Plants Changed World History Class, we have been continuing talking about different plants that have affected the course of history (tobacco, sugarcane, spices, tea, etc.). For instance, did you know that the concept of “Tip Jars” originated during the era of tea houses in Britain, in which small boxes lay on each table stating TIPS (To Insure Prompt Service)? Or perhaps that wheat and grains were used to make beer before they even made bread? Additionally, in this class, we travelled to Kellaris Vineyard last Wednesday, which is located just north of the city. You may be thinking, “A vineyard? In Denmark?!?!” But yes, a vineyard. There are only about a hundred vineyards in all of Denmark, and Kellaris only produced anywhere from 4,000-9,000 bottles per year. It was nice to see that such things as vineyards existed in this tiny country, especially seeing as I grew up in “Wine Country” in Washington State. We also got free wine tasting, so I can vouch for Denmark’s ability to make great wine. 

My Danish language class has been progressing as well, with us learning how to say things like “I like pizza” (Jeg kan godt lide pizza), “I would like a large beer” (Jeg skal have en stor øl), and “I love you” (Jeg elsker dig). All the essentials. And tomorrow, my language class is going to the district of Nørrebro in København (Copenhagen, duh) to visit a cemetery called Assistens Kierkegård. This is the cemetery where Søren Kierkegård, Niels Bohr, Hans Christian Andersen, and other famous Danes are buried. (We are also ordering food at a café….in Danish!!!)

Other than classes, I have been spending time with my host family that consists of Jørgen, Maggie, myself, and Hunter, the very important cat. Last Sunday, we travelled 1 hour south of where we live in Tåstrup to Vordingborg, where my host brother David is going to university. I also got the chance to meet my other host brother Alex as he was there as well in order to celebrate David’s 20th birthday. Besides that, we have eaten nearly every meal together, including homemade pizza (!!!), pasta al fiorno, a millet salad with chicken, and tonight was pumpkin soup. We also frequently watch a delightful British comedy called Yes, Minister, and we are currently watching Season 5 of the TV show 24. We all find the drama and brutality and scowling quite enjoyable. 

As far as my free time, I have done quite a bit. I went to a concert for a Finnish punk-rock band called French Films with my friends Lizzie, Nick, and Frankie which was a nice way to spend a Thursday night. I also went to Roskilde University’s beginning of the year party/festival (a university about 30 minutes away from Copenhagen city center) with Lizzie, where we partied with thousands of Danes and saw my favorite Danish musician, Mø! It was a blast! I have also gone out several times with additional friends, seeing more parts of the city and returning to parts that we have taken a liking to. 

And this Sunday, I will be journeying to Germany! Hamburg first, and then Berlin, my European Sustainable Development class will be going for our long study tour, examining different ways in which these 2 German cities have implemented sustainable initiatives and renewable energies in these last couple decades. We will be there until Friday, and then the long journey back. 

Thanks for reading! Until next time, hej hej!


One thought on “Hi everyone!

  1. I enjoy your blog very much. The pictures are great but even more are you descriptions and comments. Tell us a little about the weather – does it rain a lot? with all the wind machines in use does that mean it is very windy where you are? is it cloudy or sunny most of the time? I guess I want to know is the weather more like Seattle or more like Yakima. Keep on blogging!!!

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