The end of orientation.

Well, orientation has taken place these last 3 days and has now ended. I have met tons of new people (most of them fellow Americans), from lots of different places and with lots of different majors/studies. I have definitely enjoyed getting my feet in the water here and getting started at what will soon be my new life.

As far as activities that I have done…

I met up with my friend Robin, a Copenhagen native and DIS employee who graduated from my home university of Pacific Lutheran, and together we walked up to the world-famous Mermaid Statue. This statue is a dedication to Hans Christian Anderson, the writer who first imagined Ariel (before Disney!) the Little Mermaid. I took part in this tourist activity, and then walked with Robin to a small ice cream stand to enjoy my favorite dessert.

The following day I applied for my Danish residency permit (not as frightening as I originally thought it to be), and met loads more people. I went out with some newfound friends later that evening to a bar called Drop Inn, where a local garage punk band was playing (sidenote: if there is anything that I love, it is live music). All in all, a good evening with good people.

Yesterday, the final day of orientation, was spent by walking around the city with 5 of my peers, examining historical landmarks and new landmarks as part of the DIS “Amazing Race”. I learned all about what made up Denmark’s long history, their fall from global power, the fires that ravaged the city in the 1800s, and their system of politics and government. I saw the Royal Theatre, Nyhavn, and even got to taste a traditional Danish treat called flødebolle (chocolate-covered marshmellow-y goodness with a bit of waffle).

And what I came here for…fall semester classes begin today. I’m headed off in about half an hour to my Renewable Energy Systems class, so I will finally see what DIS classes are like. I’ll post again later with additional pictures to go along with this post, but I’ll leave you with a picture of flødebolle and the mermaid statue.


My friend Sofia and I at the statue.

My friend Sofia and I at the statue.


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