Getting Situated.

Well I have been here for a bit more than 3 days now, and my amazement and elatedness that I feel continues to grow. I am getting more and more adjusted to this new Danish lifestyle, and my sleeping schedule is becoming somewhat regular.

My DIS orientation and arrival workshops being tomorrow morning, and classes begin on Thursday. This semester I am enrolled in European Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy Systems, Food Systems & Ethics, How Plants Changed World History, and Danish Language and Culture. Needless to say, I am very excited to continue my studies here in Copenhagen.

These last couple of days, I have been noticing more parts of Danish culture that I find quite intriguing. There is one thing that the Danes revolve their lives around and that one thing is FOOD. Whether it be a small breakfast or a huge dinner, these people truly value the gifts of delicious cooking and the pleasure of good company. Some foods that I have eaten thus far include open-faced sandwiches (rye bread, salmon, dill sauce, thin meats, cheeses, etc.), a delicious stir fry, and beef steak with hearty potatoes, onions, peppers, and coleslaw. Tonight’s menu is curry meatballs, which is rumored to be something of a delicacy. There is no doubt that I am well fed here, so no need to worry (Mom!).

I have also noticed the prevalence of American pop and rock music here in Denmark. Nearly everywhere that I have gone I have heard Miley Cyrus (on the train), Justin Timberlake (Café Mango in Tåstrup), and even some early 2000’s Eminem. To me, that shows the scale and range to which American popular music is produced and how wide these recording companies truly reach in the world. (Sidenote: weirdly enough, I personally listen to several Danish musicians, yet I have not heard any “popular” Danish music being played in bars or headphones here).

I also went through a Danish right of passage: eating licorice. And no, this isn’t your typical American, sweet, Redvines, black licorice. This licorice is dark, spicy, sometimes salted, burn a hole in your throat licorice. Not something to be messed with. But I tried it and I survived, so now I’m an unofficial Dane.

I’m now quite familiar with this municipality of Tåstrup in which I live, after taking a couple walks around the main street, to the train station, and to a beautiful open area criss-crossed with a lattice of walking/biking paths referred to as “The Meadow”. All in all, I am very content here in this Danish life thus far, at least until the overwhelming workload of academics is thrust upon me in the upcoming weeks.

The view from my bedroom window.

The view from my bedroom window.

Hunter, the sleepy housecat.

Hunter, the sleepy housecat.


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