My next big adventure starts in….


Roughly 68 hours.

At that time, I will be boarding a trans-Atlantic flight to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I will call my home for the next 9 months. I will be studying there as part of a program called the Danish Institute of Study Abroad (hereafter referred to as DIS), focusing on environmental studies, sustainable development, renewable energy systems, and social justice.

This blog will be here every step of the way to document my many adventures, challenges, cultural experiences, and break downs that are all sure to occur during my stay.

Even more than academia, I have chosen to travel for personal growth, both mentally and emotionally, and perhaps even spiritually. I believe that venturing to a new corner of the living world will be a monumental impact within my life, forcing me to adapt to a foreign environment and create a backbone for the future of my academics, professional career, and personal life. Who knows what awaits me once I get off of that airplane.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you stay with me for each experience and every adventure. Wish me luck.

Always find another journey to embark upon.


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